Zygoptera Sanguinolentis

Zygoptera Sanguinolentis is a species of damselfly (Zygoptera), that live only in Abasi island. It lives in swampy and forested areas of Abasi island. With wingspan of 26 centimetres it is the biggest living species of any damselfly or dragonfly. These zygopteras live four years in average.

These damselflies are bright blue colored, with some parts of the body being black, white and yellow. They feed with body liquids (blood) of other insects. During the breeding season males obtains brighter colouring. Male with the brightest colouring can breed with female. There are usually ~50 eggs in a laying, of which only 10 individuals survive, but only three survive untill mating age. It is observed that hatched zygopteras eat their unborn siblings.