Vaccinium Noctenebris is a ~40-50 centimetres high bush, which can be found in the swamps of Abasi island. Each bush has a big, black berry on the top of it. The berry has 8-9 waterous and poisonous seeds in it. The berry becomes larger, untill it explodes, which causes death of the plant. The seeds around the plant, then grow new bushes around it's mother plant. The poison of these seeds is called noctenium. The poison causes fever, swelling of trachea and paralysis of all body parts and organs. Death starts after 10-15 minutes.

Leaves of the bushes are used as spices in Asmon cusine.
When British colonized Asmodia, Asmons fired at them with arrows, with greased arrowheads, which caused death of the colonizators.
Juice of the seeds of this plant, mixed with water, sometimes is used for disinfection.