Name Taba
Hexacode AB-TB-01
Population 766
Language(s) English, Asmon
Location Central Abasi island

Taba is a town in central Abasi island. Unlike Northshore to the north, Taba is highly populated by indigenous people of Asmodia, Asmon people. Taba has 766 inhabitants. It is the capital of Abasi county from 1788 to 1899 and as of 1915.

History Edit

Taba was founded approximately in 1100 AD by Asmon people. In 1557 it was discovered by English traders, who settled next to [old] Taba, thus present day Taba was created.

Geography Edit

The capital of Abasi county of Asmodia, Taba is a town in central Abasi island. It is located on a small plateau in the westernmost part of Bogho'tatsu Sheer. It is located 748 metres high above sea level in average. To the north of Taba is Swan Song and Ancients' Rock. tp the east and south - Petal Creek, to the west - Cliffs of Despair and Aurora Castle. Fog is common in Taba. Meteorological data of Asmodia proves that Taba is the most windy and the coolest place in Asmodia. While usually Abasi island has snow only a week and a half, Taba has snow just over a month. Taba is second most visited place in Asmodia, after capital city, it is the most visited from July to January.

People and Culture Edit

Taba has established itself as an important cultural centre of Asmodia. It is special with it's numerous places of interest and events that occur in it. It is why it is a destination to many tourists from the world and Asmodia. From 9th december to 27th december Icelebration occurs in the town.

Points of interest Edit