Spring Strand
—  Town  —
Nickname(s): Music Capital, MC, Creativity City, Winds' Home
Country Asmodia
County Capital State
Incorporated July 18, 1815
 • Mayor Lewis Allens (Unity)
Population (2011)
 • Total 9,603

Spring Strand is a town and the capital of the Capital State. It is located to the northeast of Daani Linn. Now Spring Strand is seemingly converged with Daani Linn, but it still has separate government.

History Edit

In 16th century this place was mentioned as Pine Strand, as it was covered in pine trees. In 1651 place named Sunrise is first mentioned as a fishing village. It's said that the village is founded sometime between 16th and 17th century. In 1660 Stillwaters and Skyreach are first mentioned. This area belonged to Duke Blane, who managed to create an important port in this region. During Independence Battles the port and the fishing villages were completely destroyed but people returned. In 1815 Sunrise was founded merging three vilages: Stillwaters, Skyreach and Sunrise. In 1866 this place was proclaimed as a beach resort, but never became famous until 1909 when the society discovered that Queen Lucy is born in Sunrise. In 1915 the town was renamed Spring Strand. Now it is a popular sea resort by the Sembean Bay.

Points of Interest Edit

  • Green Dune - Green Dune is is located just south of Stillwaters. It is third highest dune in Asmodia and it reaches height of 89 metres. The dune is covered with trees, thus it is called "Green", only southern side which faces Lochen is free of trees. On the very top of it Roman Catholic Church of All Saints is built.
  • Emerald Crag - Emerald Crag is approximately 5,5 kilometres long shoal based upon rock formations, some of which make crags above the sea's waters. Emerald Lighthouse is located on the one of the biggest crags and is the oldest lighthouse of Asmodia.
  • Musician Street - Musician Street is the oldest street and one of the main streets of the town of Spring Strand. It is pedestrian street in all it's length. Musician Street starts next to the Spring Strand's border with Daani Linn and ends four kilometres further, next to the Green Dune. It differs from other streets of the town with it's wooden architecture, old lanterns, pavement and trees on the both sides. Since it's very beginnings it has served as a marketplace, in the summers it is the main location for the Sea Feast.
  • Seaside Gardens - Seaside Gardens is a park between the beach and Musician Street. It has been planted in 1817, soon after incorporation of the town. Since 1833 in the eastern edge of the park next to the Green Dune there is also a zoo which is the oldest zoo of Asmodia.
  • Peace Rock Statue - Peace Rock Statue is approximately 38 metres high stone statue which was built in 1805 on a 300 metres high hill. It stands as a monument for those, who died during Independence Battles and paved future to found Asmodia.

Transport Edit

Spring Strand's public transport network is partially integrated with Daani Linn's public transport network. Public transport network consists of 3 bus routes and 4 tram routes. Both types of transportation are provided by DL Traffic. First tram route in Spring Strand was tested in 1879, thus it was one of the first places in the world to have a tram. It had a population of only ~3000 inhabitants back then. In 1927 the town received it's first bus and in 1929 it received new trams. These trams hasn't changed their look and they continue to carry passengers even now, but in 2009 tram's received a restoration in which their initial look was recovered and old engines were commuted against new in order to save electricity.

Spring Strand is also connected by a train, which connects Spring Strand with capital, Daani Linn and other Asmodian cities and towns.

People Edit