There were three plagues in Asmodia's history:

  • 1605 - 1606 - reduced population of Asmodia by three quarters.
  • 1616 - 1619 - reduced population triple. There were overall ~3500 people left in Asmodia.
  • 1785 - 1788 - reduced population of Asmodia by 85%.

Myth Edit

People believed in strange ways of healing plague:

"After washes oneself one has to jump in a pit of slurry and then don't eat three days."

"After one makes a campfire of pine wood one has to breath through a package with it's ashes."

"Put six spoons of salt in a glass water to not get sick with plague."

"In early morning, before sunrise make a ring of nettles around your house. In the evening of the same day after sunset run over nettles with bare foot three times and then burn nettles."

"Kill a horse and drink it's blood instead of water two days."

"Do not eat pig' meat."

"Wear your clothes on the opposite side."