Petal Creek is a river valley that surrounds Taba from eastern and southern side. It is 231 metres deep in average. It is famous with it's 80 million old rock detritions. There are many fossils that can be found in these detritions. The biggest known single bolder of Asmodia, Big Granpa is also located here. In 1529 Ogast Bratoldi while mappong Abasi island, discovered traces of abandoned camps of stone age.

Big Granpa is a rock, that lies in the middle of Petal Creek. The river that flows through the valley is forced to flow around the rock, because it is in it's way. The rock is 117 metres long, 79 metres wide and 53 metres high. It's surface is flat and margins are rounded, therefore it looks like an enormous pebble. The colour of the rock is very similar to the colour of silver.