Name Northshore
Hexacode AB-NS-01
Population 4879
Language(s) English, Spanish, Hebrew
Location Northern Abasi island
Nicknames Arapar, Far North, Amber Strand

Northshore (Asmon: Ara par, meaning "far north" or "the furthest north") is a town in the northern tip of Abasi island.

History Edit

In 1832 Abasi island's fishermen asked for a new boatdock. This was built, at the northern tip of Abasi island, in 1837 by count Jam Braedly. Soon people settled around the boatdock, and in 1849 they began construction of Light's Hope Cathedral, the first church in Abasi island. The construction was completed in 1852. 1851 census showed that there were 114 inhabitants in Northshore. In 1889 Northshore became the capital of Abasi county. By 1910 population of Northshore increased to 3382. In those years fish were fished in so large amounts, that it became even harder to fish. In 1915, when much of towns enterprises were bankrupted, because of decreased profit of catched fish, a fire broke out from an abandoned house. As most of Northshore's buildings were wooden, the town burned. After the fire Northshore's population had decreased to 300 inhabitants.

Ever after the fire buildings have been built out of bricks. In 1918 count Mathe Braedly built school for children in Northshore and a road leading to it. In 1921 he enlarged port of Northshore and created a ferry leading to Canada, that brought many people with it. His measures made fertile ground for further development of Northshore.

Cityscape Edit

Northshore is located on a peninsula in the northern tip of Abasi island. Northshore is built on the eastern side of the peninsula. The eastern part of the city is called Bayside, northern - Paramara, western - Springwind.

Churches Edit

Town has three churches, two of whom are Roman Catholic and a synagogue. Light's Hope Cathedral is a Roman Catholic church, which was built in 1852 and was the first church to be built in Abasi island. Second Roman Catholic Church is Holy Trinity Church. It is small enough to be considered chapel, rather than church. The third is a protestant church, built in 1969 on the outskirts of Northshire. Jewish synagogue was built in 1916, soon after 1915 fire of Northshore in present day Bayside.

Parks Edit

Media Edit

Abasi Local is a newspaper, whose headquarters are located in Northshore. It is the local newspaper of Abasi and one of the oldest newspapers in Asmodia. There is also a radio station in Northshore, 100FM.

Demography Edit

2011 census showed that there are 4879 inhabitants in Northshore, of whom 59% are English, predominantly of British and Canadian descent, 18% - Spanish, 16% - Jewish, 4% - French and 3% - others. In July 2012 Northshore Party organised a survey, which shows that 98% of Northshore's inhabitants speak English, 86% can speak two languages, 52% - three languages, 32% - four languages or more languages.

Nation Population
1952 1976 1991 2001 2011
English 1485 1657 2106 2495 2878
Spanish 499 619 724 830 878
Jewish 554 629 686 734 780
French 152 172 183 190 195
Others 201 178 160 153 148
All 2891 3255 3859 4402 4879

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