National Asmodian Television (NAT) is a state owned television company. It is 90% funded by the state, while the rest of the funding comes from advertising. It is part of Asmodian Media Service.

NAT Channels Edit

National Asmodian Television owns 5 channels.

NAT 3 Edit

NAT 3 is one of the most popular television channels in Lovia. First aired on September 1, 1948, was the founding channel of NAT. It broadcasts news and movies.

North Edit

Channel North first aired on November 14, 1932 and was the first television station of Asmodia. In 1997 Channel North proclaimed it's bankruptcy, therefore it was bought by NAT. In 1998 chairman of NAT announced that previous manager of North was bribed to bring channel North to bankruptcy.

Currently Channel North is one of the most profitable NAT channels. It broadcasts popular Asmodian and foreign movies, cartoons, serials and documentaries only in English language.

CCC Edit

Capital City Channel (CCC) is an educational and entertaining channel, whose main audithory are young people. It is the most profitable channel of Asmodia. It broadcasts music, movies, serials, documentaries, educational and entertaining shows. The most popular shows are: CelebSupper, Earl Loto, Y Factor and others.

Asmon Channel Edit

Asmon Channel first aired on January 1, 2004 and is second newest channel of NAT. Asmon Channel is a channel whose main audithory are Asmons. It broadcasts movies, serials, quizzes and reality shows.

Nr. 1 Edit

Nr. 1 (sometimes Channel 1)first aired on July 17, 2012 and thus it is the newest channel of NAT. It broadcasts shows, movies, serials, news and sports programmes. On January 19, 2013 manager of Nr. 1 announced that sometime in 2014 a new channel - Nr. 2 will air.