Lynx Sarb (literally: lynx lynx, "sarb" in Asmon meaning "lynx"), sometimes Asmodian Lynx or Sarbian Lynx is a cat species found in Abasi island. These lynxes are extremely rare, and there are only 40 individuals in wild and 7 in zoo. In comparison, in 1800 there were approximately 4000, and they were spread out through all of Asmodia.

Physical characteristics Edit

Lynx Sarb is larger than any other lynx species. It is averaging in 100 to 142 cm in length and standing about 77 centimetres at the shoulder. The tail measures 14 to 19 centimetres in length. Males weigh from 21 to 34 kg and females weigh from 10 to 24 kg. The biggest individual was caught in 1930. It weighed 58 kg. It's tufts on ears are longer than those of Eurasian lynx. Otherwise, it's appearance is much the same to Eurasian lynxes.

Additional information Edit

  • If someone kills an individual of this lynx species, it is criminal. The penalty can be from five to ten years in prison.
  • Lynx was saint animal to Asmon people and was not allowed to be killed.