Light's Hope Cathedral is a Roman Catholic church in Paramara, Northshore.

Church is built on a hill, overlooking Bayside. It is built out of white stone and it's tower is 71 metres high.

History Edit

The construction of Light's Hope Cathedral began in 1849 and was completed in 1852. It was the first church built in Abasi island. The church was consecrated by Bishop Paul Limburgi in 1855 as Light's Hope Cathedral. In 1884 the church's complex was extended, with a school and a library added. In 1886, soon before his death, Bishop Paul Limburgi devoted an altarpiece and an organ to the cathedral. His ashes were later place in Light's Hope Cathedral.

After fire of Northshore in 1915 church gave shelter to those in need. These people later settled to the north of the cathedral, thus creating Paramara neighbourhood. In 1919 pastor Edmund laid the foundations to present day Pastor Garden. In spring 1940 during a storm Light's Hope Cathedral's tower failed. In the summer of the same year new, much smaller tower was built. Recent Great Depression had made too deep impact on Roman Catholic Church to restore the tower completely. In 1967 inhabitants of Northshore decided to restore Light's Hope Cathedral's tower donating. In 1968 the money was saved up and the new tower was built in 1970, after thirty years.

In present day Northshore Light's Hope Cathedral is one of the main symbols of Northshore.

Library Edit

Northshore town library was built in 1884 next to the cathedral itself, by monks of Light's Hope Cathedral. It still is located in the same spaces. Library's collection includes 45 000 books and editions, including the first historic records of Asmodia.

Pastor Garden Edit

Although all Light's Hope Cathedral's pastors have seeded a seed next to Light's Hope Cathedal, the beginnings of Pastor Garden are only in 1919. Pastor Garden was completed in autumn 1923. Trees found in Pastor Garden mainly include oaks, lidens and maples. In 1928 an obelisk was built in Pastor Garden to honor memory of those, who died in 1915 fire of Northshore.