Lao'kai was the last Asmon hill fort to fall to the British colonists, located next to the town of Flarewood. It was one of hill forts of the land of Amidsea. The ruins of the castle still stands on the hill.

Overview Edit

Lao'kai castle occupied approximately one and a half hectares. On the eastern side suburb was located. Castle's walls and towers were stone, but the houses in it - wooden. The hill fort was surrounded by a moat. To the east of the castle a town with approximately 2500 inhabitants was located. It was the biggest Asmon town in 16th century.

Chronology Edit

Before English discovery Edit

  • 1417 - Lao'kai hill fort is created by Asmons fleeing from Ravengate.
  • 1421 - Lao'kai is conquered by Amidsea.
  • 1459 - Fire in Lao'kai.
  • 1462 - Lao'kai is rebuilt.
  • 1495 - Moat around the lands, belonging to Lao'kai is dugged.
  • 1518 - Moat of Lao'kai has been connected with a river, thus allowing ships to anchor next to Lao'kai.

After English discovery Edit

  • 1531 - Lao'kai is discovered by Nadrem Zalmoni.
  • 1534 - British colonists unsuccessfully attack Lao'kai for the first time ever.
  • 1535 - Inhabitants of Lao'kai dig a moat around the hill fort and strengthen the walls.
  • 1537 - Lao'kai receives stone walls instead of wooden.
  • 1539 - After major defeat Asmons are forced to allow British spies to enter Lao'kai and to pay duties to them.
  • 1548 - Lao'kai becomes the first Asmon possession to get rid of British spies by killing them.
  • 1551 - Inhabitants of Lao'kai attacks Pearls castle.
  • 1563 - Lao'kai becomes the capital of Amidsea.
  • 1569 - Lao'kai is attacked by British colonists for the second time.
  • 1571 - Herald of Lao'kai sends a message to the bishop of Asmodia with text we will never refuse from the path (religion) of ours, instead we will choose path of death.
  • 1573 - Lao'kai captures 1500 British colonists and kills them.
  • 1574 - Lao'kai strengthens forts around it and becomes the strongest Asmon fortress ever.
  • 1575 - Hottest asmon summer in lifetime of two (~140 years). Asmons are affected by great starvation. 10% of population dies.
  • 1578 - British colonists destroy all Asmon hill forts of Amidsea, except Lao'kai.
  • 1580 - British lay siege on Lao'kai, the last Asmon fortress.
  • 1581 - Being unable to stop the siege on Asmon fortress, the last surviving defenders of Lao'kai burn the castle and themselves.