Asmodia, officially the Kingdom of Asmodia, is an island nation in the northern Atlantic Ocean.

Etymology Edit

The word Asmodia is derived from the name of Asmon people who dwell in Asmodia. In turn, the word Asmon is derived from Asmon word "Asmo", meaning who are they?, which was used by Asmons when they were curious about strangers who arrived to their land (English explorers). Therefore Asmodia sometimes is jokingly referred to as Wholandia.

History Edit

Asmodia was discovered by viking explorers in 989AD, who set up a camp on the island and made a contact with it's indigenous people, the Asmons. By the time they assimilated with them. In 1521 it was discovered again by English explorer, Chuck Ashbury, who declared it as a land belonging to England. Henry VIII then appointed him as the governor of Asmodia. In 1522 Chuck Ashbury founded New Chester, the oldest English settlement in Asmodia, thus the colonisation of Asmodia had begun.

Conquer Edit

  • 1521 - Chuck Ashbury proclaims Asmodia as property of Great Britain.
  • 1522 - First English, settlement, New Chester founded.
  • 1523 - First conflict between English and Asmodians.
  • 1527 - Asmodians defeat English colonists.
  • 1532 - Sarbasaad conquered.
  • 1538 - Pawia conquered.
  • 1544 - Abasi conquered.
  • 1559 - Nine and Great Western conquered.
  • 1560 - Asmodian rebel in Abasi results in them regaining it.
  • 1561 - Namey unites all surviving Asmodians.
  • 1567 - Capital State conquered.
  • 1572 - Last Asmodian bastion in Pawia conquered by British.
  • 1579 - British attack Abasi.
  • 1580 - Port Noveau, current capital of Asmodia, founded.
  • 1582 - Namey dies.
  • 1582 - Taba, last Asmodian bastion falls to British colonists.

English Colony Edit

Asmodia was English colony since 1521, when it was discovered by Chuck Ashbury. In 1522 he was appointed as the governor of Asmodia by Henry VIII and in the same year New Chester was founded. In 1523 the first conflict between Asmons and English occured. Rumour about hostile arrivers quickly spread between Asmon people all over Asmodia and in 1527 they all organised a battle together against their common enemy, English. Asmons somehow managed to fight them off with big losses. English left Asmodia for a couple of years, to return with reinforcements in 1534. Although most Asmons fought untill their death English won victory after victory to defeat last Asmon bastion, Lao'kai in 1583. Since then Asmon people were slaves in their own land. In 1598 French initiated a conflict between France and England for Asmodia. Although French gained several territories in the southern reaches of Asmodia, they were soon regained by British and in 1600 France refused from any rights for Asmodia. In 1605 the first plague spread over Asmodia and killed three quarters it's inhabitants, in some places there were no residents left. Asmons thought it's a curse brought by English and started to rebel against them, but rebels were soon suspended. The summer in which the plague occured was cold and dry, therefore starvation rarefied population of Asmodia even more.

Independence Battles Edit

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In 1779 after American rebel against England Asmons started their first battles for independence, which resulted in gaining independence in October 22, 1797.

Geography Edit