Name Abasi
Hexacode AB-01-01
Population 9033
Language(s) English, Asmon
Location Northern Asmodia
Nicknames The green state

Abasi is an island and a county in northern Asmodia.

Geography and nature Edit

Abasi is mostly forested region of Asmodia and the least densely populated county. It is only county left, where Lynx Sarb is common. Abasi island is home to many animal and plant species, who previously populated whole Asmodia.

There are fourteen species that are found only in Abasi island, these include, three of whom are animal species, but the rest are plant species:

Places Edit

This is a complete list of populated places in Abasi:

Name Population Kind of place
Aryva 607 Hamlet
Los Soleado 205 Hamlet
Lionwood 393 Hamlet
Northshore 4879 Town
Paradise Creek 884 Village
Sarvick 1014 Town
Taba 766 Town, capital

Geographical zones Edit

Northern reaches Edit

Northern reaches region is a term to refer area to the north of Bogho'tatsu Sheer and unlike it's southern neighbour Northern reaches is a very flat region. More than 90% of it's area is forested. It has very infertile soil for agricultural development in this region. There is only one populated place in this region - Northshore, but it makes up more than half of islands' inhabitants. There are 30-100 meters high cliffs on most shores. There are only several small rivers, most of whom flow into Grand Lowlands. The most famous landmark of the whole region is Light's Hope Cathedral.

Bogho'tatsu Sheer Edit

Bogho'tatsu Sheer (Asmon: Mountainside of Great Mountains) is a mountainous region of Abasi island on it's central and eastern part. Asmon people have left there more traces of [their culture than anywhere else. The region has three populated places in it - Lionwood, Paradise Creek and Taba. The most famous landmarks include:

Grand Lowlands Edit

Grand Lowlands is a flat region on Abasi's western and southern part. The longest river of Abasi island, Opana flows through Grand Lowlands and into Marble Bay. There are three populated places in this region: Sarvick, Los Soleado and Aryva. This region is one of the most developed agricultural regions of Asmodia. The most prominent landmarks include:

Additional information Edit

  • 285 people live outside hamlets, villages and towns.