Aaron Brook
Name Aaron Brook
Full name Aaron Marthin Brook
Sex Male
Born April 3, 1973, Spring Strand
Deceased December 20, 2009, Pearls
Spouse Maria Brook
Home Spring Strand
Functions Musician
Languages English, French

Aaron Brook (born April 3, 1973, Spring Strand, deceased December 20, 2009, Pearls) was an Asmon musician, componist, actor, poet and TV host.

Biography Edit

Aaron Brook was born to Emily Brook and Dawes Anderson on April 3, 1973. When Aaron borned Emily was 19 years old and Dawes was 22 years old. Birth of Aaron impaired relationships of his parents and in 1975 Dawes left. In 1990 he together with Maria Wilson and Michael Senders founded a group named IncolumeM. In 1993 he and Maria married. In 1997 the group splintered. In the same year he started his own career. On December 19, 2009 he was shot on the premier of movie named 'Honor' and he died on December 20 of the same year. His funeral was on December 23, 2009. It was the first snowy day in the year.

Bibliography Edit

Book Year Notes
Leave it in Dust 2001

Movie 'Fight' is based on this book.

Darkhide 2003


The Seven Dark Souls 2005
Lights of the Shadow 2008 Poetry.

Filmography Edit

Movie Year Role Rank

Seven Wonders of My Life

1996 William  3
Independence 2000 Thomas Quimby


Summer Dance 2002 Logan 2
Iceheart 2003 Ean 2
Plus Ten Years 2003 John 3
Fight 2004 David 1
Of Nothing 2005 John 2
Honor 2009 Lucas 1